Carbon Monitor Cities, near-real-time daily estimates of CO2 emissions from 1500 cities worldwide

Published in Scientific Data, (In preparation), Huo, D., Huang, X., Dou, X., Ciais, P., ... & Liu, Z. , 2022

Abstract: Building on near-real-time and spatially-explicit estimates of daily carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, here we present and analyze a new city-level dataset of fossil fuel and cement emissions. Carbon Monitor Cities provides daily, city-level estimates of emissions from January 2019 through June 2021 for 1500 cities in 46 countries, and disaggregates five sectors: power generation, residential (buildings), industry, ground transportation, and aviation. The goal of this dataset is to improve the timeliness and temporal resolution of city-level emission inventories, and includes estimates for both functional urban areas and city administrative areas that are consistent with global and regional totals. Comparisons with other datasets (i.e. CEADs, MEIC, Vulcan and CDP) were performed. Carbon Monitor Cities is a near-real time, city-level emission dataset that includes cities around the world, including the first estimates for many cities in low-income countries.

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